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Friday, October 20

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Community College Classroom Management Issues and Suggestions H2 Bayshore W Got Standards! CC 209 100 Career Paths to Vocational English Success CC 211 Critical Thinking Done Right: The Full Pyramid Approach CC 210 TED Talks: Powerful Ideas to Inspire 21st Century Learning CC 212 Break Out of the Box with Breakout EDU CC 205 Spreading the Word: Empowering Teachers in the Communications Age CC Ballroom A Creating a Literacy Vocational ESL Curriculum for Adult Refugee Learners H2 Winchester Creating Effective Electives Using a Needs-Based Approach H2 Stevens Creek Fostering fact-based writing in the classroom and workplace CC Ballroom G One Hundred Percent Plagiarism-Free! H2 Bayshore E Online Discussion Prompts for the ELT Classroom - CANCELED CC 204 Practicing Basic Skills Using Three Apps to Build LSRW CC 207 Vocabulary Strategies That Build Independence in University Students H2 Alameda CBI and CLIL: Same but Different? CC Ballroom H Filling English Gaps: Career Workshops for International University Students CC 202 Language Approximations in Reading: What are they and why are they important? H2 Cypress 'Wall Street Survivor': Innovative Teaching Tool for Business English CC 203 Becoming an Advocate for English Learners H2 Lawrence Explore the World of Chrome Apps and Extensions for English Language Learners CC 208 The Sound & the Fury: Make Classroom Reading Engaging! CC 201 The Translanguaging Project: A Multilingual Pedagogy for Student Advocacy H2 Lafayette Publisher and Vendor Exhibits CC Exhibit Hall

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Reconsidering Recasts: Optimizing Corrective Oral Feedback for Adult Learners CC 205 Classroom Mixers and Grouping Techniques in ESL Classroom H2 Alameda Grading Writing: Beyond Bleeding Essays H2 Cypress Activities Your Textbook Can’t Do -- ROOM CHANGE CC 206 Introducing Burlington BASICS - The Solution for Your Low Literacy Students! CC 211 Protecting Our Children and their Families from the Threat of Deportation H2 Stevens Creek Evaluating Evaluations: Analyzing Students' Responses to Teacher-Distributed Course Feedback Surveys CC Exhibit Hall Grammar at a Traffic Stop CC Exhibit Hall Helping ESL Students Deal With Acts of Discrimination CC Exhibit Hall Immigrants and Refugees Welcome: The ALLIES Immigrant Integration Framework CC Exhibit Hall Japanese College Students’ Acceptance of Social Diversity-Races, Gender Roles, and LGBT in EFL classroom CC Exhibit Hall The Effects of Sentence Writing on Vocabulary Learning CC Exhibit Hall Choosing Tech Tools to Reach Your Pronunciation Goals CC 209 Understanding Refugee Perspectives - There's no bus in my brain! H2 Lafayette Combining Acceleration, Reading/Composition, and Critical Thinking for Civic Engagement CC 204 Connecting Language & Literacy CC 203 English Language Lifts for the 21st Century Shifts H2 Winchester Learning from Our Own Writing Assignments H2 Bayshore E Look Beyond Your Neighbors: Forming Groups for Cooperative Learning CC 201 Practical Ideas to Improve Student Retention and Success H2 Bayshore W Reinvigorate Your Teaching Persona with Trust, Confidence, and Leadership CC 208 Set Up and Run an ESL Literacy Class H2 Lawrence Teaching with YouTube CC 207 Technology Toolbox: Strategies to Create Autonomous Student Success CC 202

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Effective group discussion in English class for Academic Purpose CC 205 Recipe for Success: Incorporating Food Activities in EFL Settings CC 207 Academic Skills from the Start: CCRS for Beginning Literacy H2 Lafayette When They Go Low, We Go High: Teaching Advocacy CC 211 4 Big Tools for Engaging Students in Reading CC 210 The Power of Authentic Content to Develop Critical Thinking CC 212 Know Your Rights-An Overview of the Immigration Process and ways to Support our Undocumented Families CC Ballroom B Translating Practice: Analyzing Models of EL Solutions for Growing Teacher Capacity - Part 1 CC Ballroom H Fostering Adult Education Consortium Alignment H2 Ballroom A US Department of State's Worldwide English Language Programs CC 201 Blossom Projects: Changing Girls' Lives in India CC 208 Global Writing Functions and Grammar in ESL Writing Classes CC 206 Helping EAP Students Develop an Academic Voice in Writing CC Ballroom G Humor & Props: Laugh Your Way to Better Engagement & Acquisition CC 203 Postmethods Teaching in the 21st Century Classroom CC 202 Teaching pronunciation to adult beginners H2 Cypress Teaching Soft Skills for the Workplace H2 Stevens Creek Tools for Online Presentations & Effective Feedback CC 204 Transforming ELL Deficit Discourse to Asset Orientation through Distributed Leadership H2 Alameda Writing, Grammar, and Growth Mindset in the 21st Century Learner H2 Bayshore E Multiple Measures for English as a Second Language Placement H2 San Tomas Reconciling differences between the training and practice of US-educated NNESs H2 Winchester Uncovering 'Best Practices' for Peer-Review H2 Bayshore W Kissing down by the Docs CC 209

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Navigating the Icebergs of Icebreakers in Chinese EFL Contexts CC 205 The Cognate Advantage H2 Lafayette The Syllabus: A Tool for Reading Skills and Student Engagement H2 Stevens Creek Language Immersion and Globalization CC 210 Road to Work: A Pathway to Success CC 211 Translating Practice: Gauging EL Understanding through Video Analysis - Part 2 CC Ballroom H A 21st Century Collaboration - Adult Ed and Community College ESL - A Panel Discussion CC 203 A Bridge Class: From Adult Ed to Community College H2 Ballroom A Countering Microaggressions: How TESOL Educators Can Empower Students H2 Cypress Just Right Picture Books for Science Lessons and Science Experiments H2 San Tomas L2 Writing: Can They Get there from Here? H2 Bayshore E Using Popular Songs to Teach English CC 212 21st Century Theory and Instructional Design for Online ESL Learning CC 208 The Struggles and Coping Strategies of First-Year Language Teachers H2 Lawrence 'What Adult Teachers Need to Know about the English Language Proficiency Standards,' CC Ballroom G EL Civics Blended Learning H2 Alameda Get Organized with a Class Web Site! CC 202 Google Hangouts for the Classroom CC 204 Hedging and Boosting: Positioning in Academic and Professional Writing CC 201 Let’s Talk: Communicative Activities for Teaching Pronunciation CC 209 Poker Face: Grammar Practice with Card Games H2 Bayshore W Starting Your Own TEW Business: Actual Steps and Advice CC 207 Supporting Graduate Student Writers: Institutional & Organizational Approaches - CANCELED CC 206

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